Os Trapalhões na Serra Pelada (1982)

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Os Trapalhões na Serra Pelada (1982)
Os Trapalhões na Serra Pelada (1982) Poster
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Title:Os Trapalhões na Serra Pelada (1982)
Release Date:1982-05-07
MPAA Rating:R
Genres:Family, Comedy, Adventure
Production Co.:Renato Aragão Produções Cinematográficas, Embrafilme
Production Countries:BR , United States of America
Plot: The friends Curió, Boroca (Dedé Santana), Mexelete and Bateia they venture in search of gold in the mine of Serra Pelada. The area is controlled by the foreigner Von Bermann, whose orders are executed by the bully Bira. Thirsty of being able to, the foreigner smuggles the gold and he wants to take possession of the lands of the Brazilian Ribamar, that refuses to do business before the son's arrival Chicão. With the help of the four dabblers, the boy struggles with the thieves and it helps the father in danger.